So I abandoned

For Derrel Niemeyer

One day, long ago,

I abandoned.

I did not see

enough reason to write again,

although I had made

my debut and my first publication.


So I simply tried to live

and it just made me

almost crazy.


All that was around me

I devastated, burned

or otherwise destroyed.


The beach where I ended up landing while seedy

was on a hill inside the country.

A friend who lived there

welcomed me,

he was expecting me

for some years.


« I knew that one day you would come

here in this way.

Because you were not doing that

why you came for into this world.  »


He served me a cup of coffee

or was it tea? Adding me

a good tip or two, an address and

a telephone number,


poet maudit that was so.


And here I am ready to launch me

in the orbit around my planet.

oosterlyncknaakte man gestrand

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